Sitefinity 12.1 Feature: Built-in User-Friendly Routing For MVC Widgets

In the past, if you wanted to filter a list of content by category or tags you would be required to put tags or categories widget onto the page. In this example, I have a category, tags, and News widget on this page. I have five news items tagged and categorized and only two news items can display per page.

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What Is A Sitefinity License?

If you’re new to Sitefinity you’ll quickly learn that in order to use Sitefinity you’re going to need a license file. That license file determines what you can access inside of Sitefinity and what you can do.

An example of ASP.NET MVC

In my last video we talked about model/view/controller, and today we’re going to show a concrete example of how MVC is used inside of ASP.NET.

What is MVC?

So what is MVC? MVC stands for model view controller, and in today’s video, we’re going to talk about what are the three pillars of an MVC model.

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